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Hersteller: Hawk Wargames Spielsystem: Dropfleet Commander Alle Miniaturen werden unbemalt geliefert.

A full year before the Scourge invasion, an alien artifact known as the White Sphere crashed to Earth. An artifical intelligence beyond any witnessed before, it quickly took over control of the planet’s communications, sending out a message to every person. It warned of a calamity from space, and encouraged humanity to flee, giving themselves to the White Sphere in exchange for technology they could only dream of, technology enough to save them.

Literal days before the alien Scourge devastated humankind, those who heeded the White Sphere’s warning left Earth. Firing on their pusuers, the Abandonists jumped away into unknown space, following the AI’s directions. This act of rebellion forever tarnished them among those who remained.

150 years after their retreat, the Abandonists returned, changed beyond measure. Now known as the Post-Human Republic, they appeared with vastly superior technology, and a symbiotic relationship with their machines, protected in thick gleaming armour, and toting massive broadsides on their fleet.

This box contains an entire PHR Battlefleet, with (almost) everything you’ll need to raise a fleet for your games of Dropfleet Commander. This set contains a mix of plastic and resin ships, which provide a solid core for your fleet and some more advanced ships to fill particular roles.

The plastic Cruisers and Frigates can be assembled in dozens of ways, each with a very specific place in the fleet. From the broadsides and Twin Supernova Lasers of the Hector Heavy Cruisers, all the way down to the Advanced EDM Suites of the Calypso Frigates.

Each ship comes with a multi-part plastic base and flight stand to keep track of your damage, orbital layer, fire arcs, energy status and ship names.

PHR fleets make up for their slow speed with impressive weaponry and astonishing survivability.

This box contains:

  • 1 Resin PHR Battlecruiser, which can be built as either an Agamemnon or Priam. Typical length 150mm, 10 parts per ship (including optional ones).
  • 6 Plastic PHR Cruisers. These multi-part plastic sprues contain 28 parts each (including optional ones), and can be assembled in 9 different classes, including Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers, Fleet Carriers, Light Cruisers, and Troopships! Typical length 107mm.
  • 8 Plastic PHR Frigates. These multi-part plastic sprues contain 4 Frigates, which - using the 38 parts on each sprue (including optional ones) - can make up to 5 different classes, including Frigates and Strike Carriers. Typical length 65mm.
  • 3 Resin PHR Corvettes, in a single piece with typical length of 49mm.
  • 56 PHR Command Cards & 33 Activation Cards.
  • 2 Fastplay cards.
  • 1 Dropfleet Commander Rulebook

Contains 14 multi-part plastic miniatures and 4 resin miniatures, all with multi-part bases, 89 playing cards, 2 fast play cards, and a Dropfleet Commander Rulebook.

Resin miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

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