BelloLudi - Harquebus BUNDLE (Renaissance Skirmish Game)

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The sun has been beating down on the troops all morning. Suddenly enemy troops can be seen moving in the distance. The armies are wearily moving towards each other, determined to drive away the enemy. You are the commander of a group of units. The tension of imminent combat grips you. This may well be your moment of glory!

Welcome to the skirmish game by BelloLudi! These rules have been developed for people who have no previous experience in wargaming, yet like to play games. Suitable for two to forty players!

This ruleset simulates battles in the period of 1500 to roughly 1700, the age of the renaissance, when European countries forged empires all over the world and combatted each other and the various indigenous people. The rules will work for skirmishes in colonial settings, the Wars of Religion, the English Civil Wars, the 30- and 80 Years’ Wars, King William’s War and other conflicts.

Units were drawn up in line in order to maximise the effect of their weaponry. The musket, the type of gun that was coming more and more into vogue, was only accurate on short distances. During a volley all muskets were fired simultaneously at the same target. Off course, this required iron discipline of the men and protection by their pike-armoured comrades. Soldiers of that age were drilled to fight formed up into line formation and to march in columns. During the game, your troops will do likewise.

The aim is not to annihilate the enemy unit to the last man, but to inflict so much damage that morale is brought down and the unit will become shaken or will run away in panic and be removed from the table top. By a clever combination of movement and shooting, dashing cavalry charges and carefully positioned artillery pieces, this can be achieved. The tactics are based on teamwork. Not only within a unit, but also between units and as such, the whole army.

This product contains a rules set, the BelloLudi Skirmish Cards and two BelloLudi Command dice

So onwards, to glory! And, of course: have fun! Team BelloLudi

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