NEU Blood Bowl Basen 32mm (x10)

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Miniature bases for Blood Bowl 32 mm Pack of 10x Fantasy Football and Blood Bowl Bases without skill rings. These bases have fittings to insert up to 4 different skill rings per miniature, and to exchange them easily and quickly between games or even during the game.

Our versatile system featuring nine different interchangeable skill rings offers users the ability to not only introduce functional elements to their game but also elevate its visual appeal. By mixing a variety of colors, you can add a lively touch to your miniatures, making your games more visually captivating. Whether enjoying a casual game with friends or participating in a competitive league, this Blood Bowl basing system will certainly enhance your gameplay experience. 32mm are typically used for most standard player models, including linemen, throwers, catchers, and blitzers. These are the core players on most teams and fit well on the standard-sized squares of the game board. On the other hand, 40mm are reserved for larger models, such as big guys like Ogres, Trolls, Minotaurs, and Treemen. These larger ones provide stability for the bigger figures and help differentiate them from regular players on the field, enhancing both gameplay clarity and visual distinction.

They also have holes to insert magnets of 5x2mm in 2 holes prepared for it, or other sizes in the bottom by gluing them directly on the inner supports. These neodymium magnets will allow 2 things:

To be able to magnetize your miniatures to be transported in a miniature carry case. To be able to use the same blood bowl bases with skill rings on different miniatures without changing the base you currently have. You will only need to attach a coin or piece of metal to the miniature so that the neodymium magnet will attract it to the new base and make it interchangeable.

Height: 5mm Diameter: 32 mm Material: Plastic Color: Black Content: x10 miniature bases without skill rings.

Remarks: Skill rings are not included in this set but they can be purchased separately.

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